Theandric : nuovo EP a febbraio, ascolta il primo singolo

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La traditional/progressive metal band americana Theandric pubblicherà autonomamente il suo nuovo EP “Flight Among the Tombs l’11 febbraio 2022. Il primo singolo “Condemned to Death” può essere ascoltato ed acquistato qui:

In merito al singolo, il vocalist/bassista Paul Tiseo ha detto:

“Early on in rehearsals we all recognized ‘Condemned to Death’ song as being one of our most powerful songs, both musically and lyrically. The riff hits like a ton of bricks to the head, while the theme of the song is just as heavy. The lyrics paint the picture of an innocent man subjected to torture and abuse, who is brutally victimized by a corrupt and unjust system of people in power. A lot of my songs come from a place of spiritual contemplation, but also from an authentic human consternation when confronting what is ugly and evil in the world. I put all my passion and power in singing this song in the studio, and we were all blown away when we heard the final mix.

While the song is a traditional doom metal song, attentive listeners will also note the subtle yet ominous presence of a gothic organ, adding a solemn liturgical atmosphere to the song. This song goes over really well live, as it turns out that people love to sing ‘Condemned to death and doomed to die’ over and over!”

Qui potete preordinare l’EP:


1. Flight Among The Tombs

2. The Battle of Sherramuir

3. Condemned to Death

4. Ozymandias

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