Trapézia : disponibile il video di “Mirror”

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Il progetto metal melodico Trapézia prosegue nella promozione del suo EP di debutto, ”Ecila”, pubblicando il video del brano “Mirror”.

La cantante Thaís Lyrica ha commentato:
“A curiosity is that, initially, ‘Mirrror’ was written in Portuguese, but I never got to finish it because soon it had the transition to English. ‘Mirror’ came about in early 2019 when I wasn’t even planning on releasing my own songs yet. It was then around July 2019 that I got to work better on her through the banding coaching course where I had the privilege of taking classes with Rafa Bittencourt at Sesc Guarulhos. During this course I was motivated to finish the song that when it was in Portuguese it didn’t even have a name yet, the chorus was the first thing I worked on and I already put the lyrics in English as a result. I always say that I am very privileged to have had classes with Rafael Bittencourt and Fernando Quesada, they are people who inspire me a lot! They have a lot of guilt about the path I’ve been taking”

1. Games (ospite Fernando Quesada)
2. Mirror
3. Doors


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