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Gli Angel Nation, gruppo di death melodico fondato dalla cantante finlandese Elina Siirala (anche nei Leaves’ Eyes), publicheranno il loro nuovo album “Antares” in CD e in digitale l’8 aprile e in vinile limitato il 3 giugno, su Inner Wound. Elina Siirala ha detto del nuovo album:

“After a thrilling journey full of inspiration, hard work and new visions, we’re extremely excited to be finally releasing our third album Antares! Being able to unleash my creativity, both musically and lyrically, has been a true lifeline over these past couple of years and the result is a hybrid of reality, fiction and multiple musical styles blended together. Working alongside George, Julia and Lucas has ensured this album is on another level, heavier and fresh while sounding like true Angel Nation.
Our biggest gratitude goes to our unbelievably supporting fans who made this album possible!”

01. Seraph
02. We Are Fire
03. End of Innocence
04. Life Is A War
05. Crucify Me
06. Face To Face With The Merciless
07. Where’s The Time
08. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
09. Way Back Home
10. Where The Future Lies


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