Apeiron Bound : nuovo album ad agosto e anteprima del primo singolo

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Gli Apeiron Bound, gruppo prog metal, pubblicheranno Multiplicity su Layered Reality il 26 agosto. Il primo singolo, “Emotive Servitude”, uscirà il 25 marzo.

“Our debut single “Emotive Servitude” is set for release this spring on March 25th, 2022! Not only will we have the song on streaming services, you will also have the music video ready for viewing on YouTube.
Between the song and music video, there’s been a lot of blood, sweat, and tears poured into this project these last four years. The song’s theme explores the psychological and emotional manipulation that takes place with those that abuse their authority. Whether utilising honeyed words promising paradise or a blatant dictatorship, it’s all relevant to the discussion of compliance. A cautionary tale of the results that stem from those paving the road to chaos with good intentions. A cautionary tale to study your history or be condemned to repeat it.

We’re eternally grateful for everyone that played a role in developing this project. Whether you’ve been there since day one or the quiet days to recently joining aboard, every bit of support matters.”

Ecco la presentazione del singolo.


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