Tableau Mort : nuovo album a maggio, ascolta il primo singolo

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I Tableau Mort hanno pubblicato il video del singolo “Candle In The Darkness”, brano estratto da Visio In Somniis, album in uscita il 6 maggio su Cult Of Parthenope. Potete vederlo qui:

In merito al singolo, il cantante James Johnson ha detto:
« “You never write songs about me!” yelled my wife. Anybody who tells me that black metal isn’t the place for love songs can get stuffed. I’ve never known a more emotionally charged genre of music! In general this album tackles the emergence from a state of hopelessness that the first album establishes, into more of a hopeful one. My wife is from the salt marshes of Essex, among some very old villages mentioned in the Domesday book. Around here there were places like Barling Magna where women were dunked into a village pond to test if they were witches. In the 16th and 17th centuries, men like Matthew Hopkins were involved in the Essex Witch Trials in Colchester (built upon the ash layer left from when Boudica burned the Roman city down hundreds of years before). During the Essex witch trials more than two hundred women (and men!) were held in Colchester castle accused of witchcraft. Whilst you’re not exactly burned at the stake now, people always kick up a fuss about those who are different. Sometimes, these people can be the best. My wife is the best. She’s looked beyond my pale deathmask and helped me through a hell of a lot »

1. Metamorphosis
2. Idolatry
3. Visio In Somniis
4. Blood Echoes
5. Hope Ablaze
6. Their Throats Are Open Graves
7. The Fire, The Star
8. Candle In The Darkness

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