Vanderlust : guarda il video di “3 Suns”

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I Vanderlust hanno pubblicato “3 Suns”, terzo singolo estratto dal nuovo ed omonimo album, in uscita ad aprile.

« “3 Suns” is another classic metal song. It starts with a slow intro based on vocals, bass, and guitar with some cymbal sounds and then turns into an aggressive song. It has Iron Maiden-inspired riffs and vocal parts. The instrumental section has some sci-fi sound effects. The lyrics talk about space travel towards a better and shiny place. Dream or reality? »

​1. Intro (0:58)
2. High Hopes (3:34)
3. Orphan Planet (3:41)
4. Forgotten Breed (5:13)
5. The Last Ganymedian (3:45)
6. Scavengers Of Kuiper Belt (4:02)
7. Mass Effect Destruction (2:04)
8. Requiem For An Ancient World (4:59)
9. 3 Suns (4:44)
10. Dyson’s Swarm (4:00)
11. Ringworld (3:26)
12. Ten Years Back (3:38)
13. Zima Blue (4:39)

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