Celtibeerian : pubblicato il video di “Rise”

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Il gruppo folk metal spagnolo Celtibeerian ha pubblicato “Rise”, primo singolo estratto dal nuovo album di cui non sono ancora stati rivelati i dettagli.

‘This song is about the excessive use of technology and networks by society today as opposed to how it was lived before. Now people worship these “gods” to the detriment of the “old gods”, which represented more natural and tangible things, which made us more people and have certain values, be more in touch with this world, deal face to face … ultimately live the present fully. This struggle is represented in a society that seems more and more selfish, more narcissistic, where the “every man for himself” reigns, so we believe it is necessary to stand up and raise the alarm. We know that it is not a fully folk theme, but it does connect with it in the deepest part, it is a return to the roots of what we are. In connection with this, it is clear that what is to come in this latest album will break in some ways with what we were doing before, however, it will not be a radical change, we will continue to maintain our line, but we have taken a step forward, making the style is not only based on telling past stories, but current and at the same time connected to the essence of the human being. Little more we can tell you today, just to say that we will be releasing some other songs and that you will be able to enjoy them in our concerts. As for the sound… a punch in the face, a kick in the balls, … is what most resembles it, power and forcefulness, festive touches that will not be missing and rivers of beer.
Stay tuned, because after this time of hiatus has been only to return with more force.
See you in the bars, people!’


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