Graveshadow : il video del singolo “Soldier Of 34”

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Il gruppo americano di gothic metal sinfonico Graveshadow ha pubblicato in trete il video del singolo “Soldier Of 34”, brano estratto dal nuovo album The Uncertain Hour in uscita il prossimo 15 luglio. Potete vederlo qui:

“‘Solider of 34’ was the first song completed for the record, and the first that Aaron [Robitsch – guitars] and I truly collaborated on,” explains guitarist William Lloyd Walker. “We wanted to create something that we felt was reflective of the band’s journey up until this point. The mournful melodies cast on top of these raw, aggressive rhythms we felt was the perfect backdrop for a story centred around losing those closest to you. We couldn’t be prouder of the way it turned out, and we feel it really represents all facets of what we want to accomplish this record. This is just the beginning; we can’t wait for the record to come out and share all that we’ve been working on with fans new and old alike.”

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