Dawn Of Destiny : firmano con El Puerto Records

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Il gruppo tedesco di power metal sinfonico Dawn Of Destiny ha firmato con la El Puerto, che ne pubblicherà un album a giugno.
Jens Faber, il leader, ha detto:

“We are more than happy to sign a worldwide record deal with El Puerto Records. We had several options considering a new label and can now proudly announce a collaboration with an experienced and prestigious metal label. Our eighth album will be released in June 2022 and we are looking forward to this liaison with all people of El Puerto! Stay tuned for more information!””

Matt. Bischof di El Puerto Records ha dichiarato:

“Dawn Of Destiny have been a good name in the German metal scene for a long time. I think I first became aware of the band when they had one of my all-time favourites, Jon Oliva, as a guest musician on an album. We are very happy that such an experienced band has chosen us.” 

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