Heaving Earth : nuovo album in uscita a fine maggio

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A sette anni dal precedente Denouncing The Holy Throne, i cechi Heaving Earth sono pronti per pubblicare il loro terzo album: Darkness Of God uscirà il 27 maggio per la Lavadome Productions in CD e versioni digitali. il brano d’apertura “Violent Gospels (Ordination Of The Holy Trinity)” può essere ascoltato qui:

“We’ve shifted our focus to broader range of music styles… Pushing the envelope further, evolving ideas over the years, without thinking about limitations and with zero regard given to whether anyone considers it ‘death metal enough’. That said, Darkness Of God is different from Denouncing The Holy Throne, for sure. We’d felt that we did pretty much everything we could with the traditional formula on Denouncing and weren’t willing to write some Denouncing, part 2.  Therefore it was time to expand the Heaving Earth sound, even if the decision later led to major line-up changes.”

1. Violent Gospels (Ordination Of The Holy Trinity)
2. Crossing The Great Divide (Prayer To A Crumbling Shrine)
3. Apologetics (Of Failure And Fall)
4. Forever Deceiving Dismal Gods
5. Cardinal Sin
6. The Lord’s Lamentations
7. Earthly Kingdom Of God In Ruins
8. Flesh–Ridden Providence
9. Woeful Redemption


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