Serpents Oath : primo singolo dal nuovo album

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I black metallari belgi Serpents Oath hanno pubblicato “Summoning The Ancients”, primo singolo estratto dal nuovo album Ascension in uscita il 24 giugno per la Soulseller.


“When we released our debut, we were a trinity. Since then, we have expanded our line-up to five sworn-in members. Working on and recording this album as a band has brought a new dimension to this record. Expect no remorse from this opus, only crushing riffs, pounding drums and terrorising screams.”

Ascension uscirà in CD, vinile e digitale e può essere preordinato qui:

01. Invocation Pestum
02. Summoning The Ancients
03. Thy Mighty Serpent
04. Invocation Perversum
05. Blasphemy
06. Bring Down The Sun
07. Invocation Maledictum
08. Sworn To The Oath
09. Of Fang And Claw
10. Invocation Infectum
11. Death The Destroyer
12. Blood Moon

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