Demiricous : ascolta la nuova “Smoke Chaser”

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Il 13 maggio il gruppo death-thrash Demiricous pubblicherà il suo album, intitolato III: Chaotic Lethal. Il gruppo ha reso disponibile per l’ascolto il brano “Smoke Chaser”:

“From a writing standpoint, we took a bit of a different approach on this one. With the chorus, we wanted to open it up with a huge melodic riff, and a catchy, anthemic hook. And to counteract the catchiness of the chorus and melody, we wanted to cap it with one of the ugliest moments on the entire record. “Smoke Chaser” lyrically is about how humanity has a false sense of relevance, as a result  of technology. We are all addicted, and constantly chasing something we will never actually obtain.”










Demiricous – Chaotic Lethal [LP]


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