Putrid Evocation : Dawnbreed Records pubblica l’EP “Eternal Gloom” in Europa

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Burning Coffin Records e Dawnbreed Records pubblicheranno l’EP Eternal Gloom: A Void of Agony and Repugnancy (uscito nel 2021) della death metal band cilena Putrid Evocation in CD il 13 maggio. Di seguito copertina e scaletta.

1. Evokers of the Obscurity, Reveal the Course of True Death
2. Spreading the Impure Seed of Antichrist Ejaculation upon Your Dismal Skeleton (Interlude)
3. Faceless Shadows
4. Cryptical Rites of Rotting Flesh
5. Surrounded by Emaning Black Mist from the Depths of a Derelict Grave (Interlude)
6. Rising Spirit, Beyond the Corpse


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