Jelena Taylor : pubblica un nuovo brano dedicato ad Ellen Ripley

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La chitarrista solista Jelena Taylor ha pubblicato “Perfect Survivor”, nuovo brano dedicato al tenente Ellen Ripley, personaggio del film Alien.

“I always loved the original 1979 movie Alien with Sigourney Weaver, who is a total badass and a huge inspiration to me, and felt that it never got the attention that it deserved.”

She continues “When rewatching the movie as an adult, I noticed it didn’t have much of a musical soundtrack either, just creepy unnerving noises, which I felt really added to the psychological distress.

I came up with the main riff during my 100 days of riffs challenge while thinking of Ellen Ripley fighting xenomorphs all alone in space, and it has evolved into a death metal shredfest with friends!”

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