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I finlandesi Hexing hanno firmato con Wormholedeath per la pubblicazione di Welcome To Salem.

“We are super excited to finally be able to release our debut album and to begin working with Wormholedeath records. We have tried to blend the energy and rawness of many old school thrash metal bands such as Exodus, Stone and Megadeth, with influences from various metal subgenres, such as death metal. Many of the songs on this album feature fast riffs, heavy breakdowns and plenty of guitar solos.”

Qui sotto potete vedere il video di “Welcome to Salem”, più in basso scaletta e copertina.

1. Welcome to Salem
2. Shutdown brain
3. Burn this city
4. Death may die
5. Scream
6. Servants of Belial
7. Whore of Babylon
8. Choose me or choose death
9. Kill list
10. Schizophrenia


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