Kaledon : guarda il video di “The Dawn Of Dawns”

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La power metal band italiana Kaledon ha pubblicato il video di “The Dawn Of Dawns”, primo singolo estratto dal nuovo album “Legend of the Forgotten Reign – Chapter VII: Evil Awakens”, in uscita il 23 settembre su CD e in digitale via Beyond the Storm Productions.

Kaledon line-up:
Michele “Meek” Guaitoli (Temperance, Visions of Atlantis) – Vocals
Alex Mele – Guitar
Tommy Nemesio – Guitar
Paolo Campitelli – Keyboards
Enrico Sandri – Bass
Manuele Di Ascenzo – Drums

“Legend of the Forgotten Reign – Chapter VII: Evil Awakens” tracklisting:
01. Renascentia Noctis
02. At the Gates of the Realms
03. A Strike from the Unknown
04. The Eye of the Storm
05. Emperor of the Night
06. The Dawn of Dawns
07. Life or Death
08. The End of Time
09. Blessed with Glory
10. The Sacrifice of the King
11. The Story Comes to an End?


Kaledon online:
Website: www.kaledon.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kaledonofficial
Instagram: www.instagram.com/kaledon

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