Moonlight Haze : guarda il video di “Kintsugi”

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Oggi i Moonlight Haze hanno pubblicato il video di “Kintsugi” – quarto singolo estratto dall’album “Animus”, uscito su Scarlet Records.

Chiara Tricarico ha commentato:

“‘Kintsugi’ is about the ancient Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by filling cracks with precious metals. We too can transform all ‘cracks’ – which represent both our weaknesses and the difficult times we sometimes are forced to face – into something that makes us stronger and more unique, without necessarily having to show fake perfection to the rest of the world. We are all human beings and, as such, we are not infallible”.

Animus01. The Nothing
02. It’s Insane
03. Kintsugi
04. Animus
05. The Thief and the Moon
06. Midnight Haze
07. Tonight
08. Never Say Never
09. We’ll Be Free
10. A Ritual of Fire
11. Horror & Thunder

Scarlet Records


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