Lindsay Schoolcraft : edizione speciale per i 10 anni del debut album solista

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Per celebrare il decimo anniversario del suo debut album solista Rushing Through The Sky, la cantante/ songwriter gothic metal Lindsay Schoolcraft ne pubblicherà una nuova versione interamente rimasterizzata. L’album sarà disponibile per la prima volta in vinile limited e streaming. Potete preordinarlo qui:

Lindsay ha dichiarato:

“When I first recorded and released this EP I did not account for the fact that one day it was going to turn 10. I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that a decade has come and gone. Luckily, my team and I caught before the big anniversary had a chance to pass us by. 

For years the fans have been asking me to print this first release on vinyl, and here it finally is! Remastered just for the occasion. You can now experience the same songs from 10 years ago with a new sound and look.

Thanks to Phantasma Photography the Vinyl comes with new artwork too. Anyone who pre-orders the vinyl from my official shop gets it signed and personally addressed and will also receive a download of the 2022 version of “December Rain.”

I’m thrilled to celebrate my debut as a solo artist in such a special way a whole decade later.”

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