Blood Of Indigo : nuovo video in rete

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I canadesi Blood Of Indigo hanno pubblicato il video di “Sphynx, Collector Of Eyes”. Potete vederlo qui:

il gruppo dichiara:

“We intended for this song to sound like video game boss battle music. You especially  hear it in the unique song structure, soundscapes, and vocal performance. As for the vocal performance, I put a lot of thought into what a big, scary desert monster that was taller than the CN Tower would sound like if it could speak. I even kept the lyrics repetitive because I wanted to immerse you in the terror. I also thought it would be a great track for new vocalists to practice with because of the consistent tone and pace. It’s all in the inflection and emotion. I kept the lyrics sparse, the vocal performance pace slow and the tone low to resemble the sounds and movements of a colossal beast. This track is one of my favourite ones to perform.”


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