Carlo Bellotti Publishing : accordo con Misra Label Group per gli U.S.A.

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Carlo Bellotti Publishing è lieta di annunciare il nuovo accordo con Misra Label Group negli Stati Uniti. Misra dal 1999 è una società con sede a Pittsburgh (in Pennsylvania) e lavorerà come collaboratore americano esclusivo sia per la Wormholedeath sia per la Epictronic, assicurando una distribuzione fisica diffusa tramite Redeye Worldwide ed affiancando The Orchard, che continuerà a prendersi cura della distribuzione digitale e della distribuzione delle etichette.

Jeff Betten, il direttore generale della Misra, ha dichiarato:

“We, at the Misra Label Group are thrilled to announce this new and exciting partnership with Carlo Bellotti Publishing and WormHoleDeath/Epictronic! These labels have such a deep and diverse range of artists and releases, we feel confident that no matter who you are, your new favourite record awaits you in their catalogues!”

Carlo Bellotti, il proprietario di Wormholedeath e di Epictronic, ha detto:

“When I decided to get in touch with Misra, I already knew that they were the perfect partner for us. I have thirty-five years of experience in this business and I immediately understand when a company is solid, serious, and consistent. The big “anxiety” was: “will they answer me?”…When I saw Jeff’s email, I understood that they are so accurate, careful, and friendly. We got to know each other and everything was so easy because we understand each other perfectly well, we work the same way with the same approach and we have the same values. In few words, Misra is the perfect partner for us, not to mention the fact, that now we will now distribute in America together with sacred monsters like Rough Trade, Beggars Group, and Matador … This is a dream come true. I want to thank Jeff from the bottom of my heart, for the great opportunity that he has given us and I am sure that we will work together for a long time, as we do with our other equal partners in Europe (Aural Music Group) and Japan (Bit Organization). I can’t wait to work with these awesome guys!!”

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