Parius : accordo con Willowtip Records, nuovo album ad ottobre

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I Parius hanno firmato con Willowtip Records, che ne pubblicherà il nuovo album The Signal Heard Throughout Space Il 07 ottobre. Il gruppo ha spiegato l’idea dietro l’album:

« The Signal Heard Throughout Space is a conceptual rock opera that tells the story of a space captain who hears a distress signal, whether real or in a dream, and he sets out to find its source. The album chronicles the Captain’s search as he struggles with the self-doubt that comes with trying to accomplish his goals, all while hopelessly compelled to complete his mission. He encounters a cosmic being called The Formulator who both helps and hinders him on his journey. The message of the album is that of perseverance in the face of adversity and developing the strength to see the goals you set for yourself through, despite the outcome. 

Musically, we looked at every rock opera we could find from « Jesus Christ Superstar » to « Ziltoid The Omniscient » and ended up testing out a tonne of ideas. We probably wrote three-five albums worth of material that we scrapped before writing most of the material that would end up on the final album. We just weren’t ready to write this big, interconnected album yet that our vocalist Louis Thierry had conceptualised. It took a couple of years. 

While we anticipate that this record could estrange some of the death metal fans that we had courted with the past couple of EPs, we think that those who appreciated the more fun elements, the songwriting focus, and the depth of layers from those EPs will find that these elements are heightened on this new sixty-minute album, which is in no small part due to the addition of Sean Gallagher on keyboards, and the legendary Jamie King; who co-produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered the album at his studio in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We just felt like it was the right time for us to try and make something unique to us that nobody else could make, and we feel like we’ve done that with The Signal Heard Throughout Space

1. Spacelog.0245

2. The Signal

3. Suspended Animation

4. Spaceflight Dementia

5. The Acid Lakes Of Ganymede

6. The Human Molecule

7. Contact!

8. Dimension Y

9. The Outer Limit

10. Arecibo

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