Meteora : il video di “Wings Of Rebellion”

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I Meteora, gruppo ungherese di metal sinfonico, hanno pubblicato il video di “Wings Of Rebellion”, brano estratto dal nuovo album … Of Shades And Colours. Dichiara il gruppo:

« “Wings Of Rebellion” places intolerable social injustice in the spotlight. It’s about the time when people realise that together they can make a difference against the systematic problems binding their lives, the unbearable power structure and abuse. The style of the song is closest to power metal, this way we wanted to support the message as well.

As I was writing the vocal melodies, I was getting more and more sure that the chorus should have male vocals. I feel Ati took this challenge absolutely great and it was the right call to give him a bit more space as a vocalist than he had on our second album, Tragedy Of Delusion.

The guitar solo is by our great friend Ádám Kurucz, who musically gave a lot to both this song and the whole … Of Shades And Colours album. A shoutout to István Lajcsák, our long-time graphic designer, as well as for his work with the video. »

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