Sebastian Caldas : accordo con Wormholedeath, ristampa di “ME-WE” il 26 agosto

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Il musicista prog metal / rock Sebastian Caldas ha firmato con la WormHoleDeath, che ne ristamperà l’album Me-We il 26 agosto. Parlando della firma con l’etichetta, Sebastian ha detto:

“I am really happy to sign with WHD because it felt the right thing to do. From the first contact, the main focus has been on the musical and artistic aspects of the project. There have been too many times I have spoken to industry people who have no idea about the craft and the art of the content we are creating. Here the focus is on reaching out and trying to move people’s emotions to a deeper level.
This solo album is the result of a lifetime’s devotion to music and although the classical guitar has been my main field, this rock project is the awakening of a dormant passion that has been present throughout my entire life; from the bands I listened to from my older brothers’ LP collections to the bands I formed when I was a teenager in Uruguay playing Megadeth and Black Sabbath covers, through to the period in my early twenties when I wrote my own songs.
The Me-We album is proof of music’s power to break down barriers. As a musician, I have always been interested in working across genres, and during the last ten years I have worked with musicians from many varied traditions; from Candombe percussionists, tango singers, and avant-garde electronic music composers, to improvisation ensembles.”

1) The Flight Of The Golden Plover
2) Pesadilla Al Amanecer
3) Naia
4) Purple December
5) Need, Want N’ Buy
6) The Melancholic Wizard
7) Follow The Game
8) 2020
9) Part Of Life
10) Cuervo Rojo

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