Munroe’s Thunder : “The Black Watch” esce a novembre

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I Munroe’s Thunder – band dell’ex cantante dei Metal Church Ronny Munroe con i chitarristi David Mark Pearce e Justin Zych, RC Ciejek al basso e Rick Ward alla batteria – publicheranno il loro debut album “The Black Watch”  l’11 novembre via RFL Records & Entertainment. Più in basso potete vedere la copertina, qui sotto il commento di Ronny Munroe.

“MUNROE’S THUNDER, The Black Watch, is loosely based on my family heritage, as some of my ancestors were actually in the black watch who guarded Mary, Queen Of Scots. Finding that out intrigued me enough to do a concept record about my family heritage.

After a very long wait, this record is finally finished and ready for you all to hear. I am very proud and elated by all the hard work that went into it, from the hours of research to the countless hours from DMP behind the board and all the remarkable talent that is on the album. Thank you so much to Jon and the team at RFL Records for having faith in our vision and for finally bringing MUNROE’S THUNDER to the masses.”

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