Meteora : il video di “Slave Of Creation”

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I Meteora, gruppo ungherese di metal sinfonico, hanno pubblicato il video di “Slave Of Creation”, brano estratto dal nuovo album … Of Shades And Colours. Dichiara il gruppo:

We are  very happy to present to you ‘…of Shades and Colours’, the next milestone in the history of the band. We invite you to a musical journey through the thousand faced realm of symphonic metal about the plentiful colours of the world, and endless shades of people. Ranging from the power metal vibes of ‘Wings of Rebellion’ and ‘Immortal’, through the gothic darkness of ‘Danse Macabre’ (featuring Chris Harms from Lord of the Lost), the baroque styled ‘Home’, the oriental melodies of ‘Voices Within’ to the classic Meteora feel of ‘Pests’ we hope you will enjoy the ride. It was a blast working with KVVKamarakórus (choirs) and Ádám Kurucz (guitar solos) again, without them we couldn’t have brought you the songs as they are now.

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