RivetSkull : guarda il video di “Crash And Burn”

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La heavy metal band americana RivetSkull ha pubblicato il video di “Crash and Burn”, primo singolo estratto dall’album “Trail of Souls: Samsara”.
“Trail of Souls: Samsara” è la versione ri-registrata di “Trail of Souls”, album pubblicato autonomamente dalla band nel 2020, In merito al singolo, i RivetSkull ha dichiarato:

“‘Crash and Burn’ is about the pitfalls of relationships. Though you can try to stay clear of danger, sometimes you can’t help but fall into the same traps! The new recording and production convey the drive and momentum a song about recklessness should be swimming in. We think we got there with this song and all the others on the album.”


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