Wingless : online il video di “Nyctophilia”

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La death/doom band polacca Wingless ha pubblicato il video di “Nyctophilia”, brano estratto dall’album “Nonconform” uscito su Selfmadegod Records ad ottobre 2021. Il chitarrista Greg Luzar ha detto:

“…We wanted our creative work to turn out into something far more meaningful than just a common video clip, something different from many of those
things that you often see as a montage of a few backstory scenes combined with some nice camera shots of the band playing its track. Our idea was
actually focused on presenting a solid story that would strongly correspond to the sinister aura of the song itself.
“Nyctophilia” – is a special selection dedicated to all of those who love the night-time, indulge themselves in it and can best function during its dark period.
It is my sincere hope that the black-and-white format of the whole video as well as its time-lapse shots will definitely emphasise the expressive
character of this picture…”


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