Black Widows : online il video del nuovo singolo

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Le portoghesi Black Widows hanno pubblicato il video di ‘Schizo’, terzo singolo estratto dal nuovo album Among the Brave Ones in uscita il 21 ottobre via Inverse Records. La cantante/chitarrista Rute Fevereiro ha commentato:

“Schizo was chosen to be our third single. It’s a more complex song that honestly represents well the darkest side of our album. This song is all about hypocrisy, the need of showing positive thinking and smiles regardless of what you’re going through, to the extend of worsening our mental health. This song is specially focused on someone I used to know who is described in these lyrics. The music is the perfect marriage with the words professed. There are lots of clowns in the real world, showing smily faces and yet they feel miserable. I’m sure you all know someone like this.”


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