Hell Theater : Wormholedeath pubblicherà il nuovo album

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La horror metal band italiana Hell Theater ha firmato con Wormholedeath che ne pubblicherà il nuovo album “S’Accabadora” in digitale il 28 ottobre ed in CD il 22 novembre. Un teaser dell’album è disponibile qui:

In merito al nuovo album, la band ha dichiarato:

It’s a concept album, a unique story in 11 tracks (chapters) lasting about 60 minutes. The story is based on a traditional Sardinian figure, the “female ACCABADORA” or ” she who ends”, who really existed in the past and perhaps still exists in very rural areas, to whom magical gifts were attributed, a sort of witch dressed in black. Her role was to put an end to the suffering of dying and terminally ill old people, out of pity, at the request of relatives, by striking a blow on the back of the head with a special “Mazzolu” hammer (see the cover of “A Strange Death”). Sometimes, however, the relatives for her sake tricked the Accabadora, and then she unleashed her curses. This is the first time that a similar story has been told in a metal album.
S’ACCABADORA is certainly not a first listen album, nor was the previous “Reincarnation of Evil” album.
It is certainly a very complex work full of surprises, made to leave its mark and last in time. The band thus marks a good step forward and confirms their creative drive and not wanting to conform to any musical genre but rather wanting to contribute to enriching the metal scene and raising their own way of conceiving the HORROR METAL.

1. Laughing Doll (Intro)
2. Eyes Painted Blood
3. A Strange Death
4. Church Of Saint Anthony, Pt. 1
5. Church Of Saint Anthony, Pt. 2
6. Mamuthones Dance
7. In The Dark Room
8. Domus De Janas
9. Dressed In Black
10. Morte Be Thy Name
11. The Legend Will Never Die (Outro)


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