Chaoist : accordo con Wormholedeath, nuovo EP in uscita

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Il progetto black metal Chaoist ha firmato con Wormholedeath che ne pubblicherà l’EP “Annul” il 28 ottobre.

Di seguito le dichiarazioni di Chaoist in merito alla firma :

“As the embers of the Work burn violently, drawing ever closer to a conclusion, now, the release of “Annul” has brought another fruit from its subconscious waters. As the written maeteria was finished, the paths crossed with the label Wormholedeath, resulting in a mutual understanding that has finally been crowned in collaboration and partnership.
The physical and digital publishing of the EP will manifest under this banner, and through this union, “Annul” will also be released worldwide through the many channels of the label. Through this leap forward, the finishing preparations are being made so that the twofold echo, reflecting both past and future may be uttered, now in an even more than worthy manner!”


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