The Wring : terzo album a dicembre

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La progressive metal band canadese The Wring annuncia che il terzo album “Spectra” uscirà il 16 dicembre via Wormholedeath. Il chitarrista e compositore Don Dewulf ha detto:

‘Spectra’ is the third album from The Wring. It is hard rock, jazz, metal, 80’s rock, 70’s rock, and probably a few other things, offering something to a wide range of listeners. The performances are tight and meaningful; the players are incredible. The compositions are influenced by 70’s King Crimson, Porcupine Tree, Opeth, and, of course, Rush. This album follows on the heels of the 2021 release ‘Project Cipher’ and we are very pleased that it will be similarly released and distributed worldwide by Wormholedeath Records.

1. Stiletto
2. Stones & Bones
3. The Prince
4. The Wolf
5. Tin Man
6. From Mars
7. Sins
8. Fallen

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