Overdrivers : in arrivo le ristampe in vinile dei primi due album

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“Rockin’ Hell” e “She’s On Her Period”, i primi due album degli hard rockers francesi Overdrivers, verranno ristampati in vinile limited da ROAR! Rock of Angels Records il 09 dicembre. Potete preordinare le vostre copie qui:

ROAR International store: https://bit.ly/overdriversgr
Music Megastore: https://bit.ly/overdriversmm
Bandcamp: https://roar-overdrivers.bandcamp.com/
ROAR German store: https://bit.ly/overdriversDE

Track List (Rockin’ Hell):
1. Rockin’ Hell
2. Bertha Rottenfold
3. She Hides A Big Packet
4. Hard Rock Hard Life Hard Night
5. Hot Driver

1. Dirty Girls Island
2. Big Mary
3. Rock Your Life
4. Girls Gone Wild
5. Limbs Of Rock’N’Roll


Track List (She’s On Her Period):
1. The Best Blowjob In History
2. Hellhounds
3. Show Your Boobies
4. Mister Moo
5. She’s On Her Period

1. Bottoms Up
2. King Arthur
3. High Mountains
4. Get Out With Your Bigfoot
5. Ride The Rockin’ Horse


Website: https://www.overdriversrock.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/overdriversofficial/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/overdriversofficial/
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3Tew56G

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