Dispyria : firmano con El Puerto Records

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I tedeschi Dispyria hanno firmato un contratto con El Puerto Records! Il terzo album della band uscirà ad inizio 2023.

Il chitarrista e compositore Jürgen Walzer ha detto:
“Finally! After long years of hard fighting to realize his idea and the story, Juergen Walzer’s DISPYRIA has signed a worldwide contract with El Puerto Records. The chemistry with those responsible has been excellent from the first contact and the enthusiasm and support for the epic was tangible in all conversations. So Josh Devon’s saga will be sailing into the safe haven of El Puerto Records! I am incredibly happy. Everything is possible!”

Matt Bischof di El Puerto Records ha dichiarato:
“I rarely tend to superlatives, but what Jürgen Walzer has delivered to us with the third part of the Dispyria saga is just great, especially since one of my Top3 Alltime Favorite Rock singers has sung a large part of the album!”

Line-up Album:
Jürgen Walzer – Guitars
Zak Stevens – Vocals
Ralf Scheepers – Vocals
Carsten „Lizard“ Schulz – Vocals


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