Depressed Mode : annunciano il nuovo EP “Words Of Death”

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La symphonic doom/death metal band finlandese Depressed Mode pubblicherà il nuovo EP “Words Of Death” entro fine 2023 via Inverse Records. Il primo singolo si intitola “Suffer in Darkness” ed è la versione ri-registrata del brano apparso sull’album di debutto “Ghost Of Devotion” (Firedoom Music, 2007). In questa nuova versione, la voce femminile è di Gogo Melone (Aeonian Sorrow, Clouds). 

Otto Salonen ha commentato:

“Suffer in Darkness was one of the first ever tracks for Depressed Mode. It was something that created the sound for the band, and I’ve been trying to recreate the atmosphere ever since. That’s one of the reasons we’ve decided to re-record this song, and because I always felt like the song ain’t complete with its orchestrations. Now I had the time and tools to create the atmosphere once again, and it’s now enhanced. We once again hired our former drummer Marko Tommila to create drums for the whole EP, and this was the first song re-recorded.”

1. Suffer in Darkness
2. Dead & Living
3. Tunnel of Pain
4. Words of Silence
5. She’s Frozen  


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