Sacred Steel : Jens e Kai lasciano la band

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I tedeschi Sacred Steel annunciano che Jens Sonnenberg e Kai Schindelar non fanno più parte della band. Ecco il comunicato che i Sacred Steel ha pubblicato sui suoi canali ufficiali:

“News from the Sacred Steel camp: Unfortunately, we will not be continuing with the current line-up. 

When you play together for so many years, things in your private life change and consequently so do your priorities. Sacred Steel is not a company but a matter of the heart. That’s why it’s important that there is a common basis among all band members for how much time and energy can flow into the band. Recently, however, it became clear that Jens and Kai would no longer be able to make their time available to the band to the same extent as before for understandable, private reasons. For this reason, we have decided to go our separate ways. 

Sacred Steel will therefore be continued by Gerrit, Jonas and Matze. We thank Jens and Kai for many, many great years and experiences and hope to hear from them again soon in another musical constellation. 

This decision was not easy for any of us, precisely for the reason that Sacred Steel is not a thrown-together musical project, but a real band that was born out of friendship. However, we think that this decision was right and necessary to give a future to Sacred Steel.

Gerrit, Jonas and Matze are now throwing all their energy into the new Sacred Steel album, which will be released in 2023.

Cheers, and see you soon!”

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