Dying Phoenix : firmano con El Puerto Records

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El Puerto Records annuncia di aver messo sotto contratto i tedeschi Dying Phoenix! Il debut album della band vedrà la luce nel 2023. Pat St. James, cantante e leader della band, ha dichiarato:

“We were searching for a label that shares our vision and is passionate about the cause. And that’s why El Puerto is the perfect partner for us. The team is passionate and burns for their artists. We are super happy to be part of the El Puerto family now.”

Matt Bischof di El Puerto Records ha detto:
“I’ve been working with Pat St. James on a promotional level for some time now and know what demands he makes on himself and on music in general. All the more I am pleased now that we will accompany his first (professional) musical steps with El Puerto Records. Welcome aboard Dying Phoenix!”

I Dying Phoenix sono:
Pat St. James – Vocals
Erica Bianca – Vocals
Moran Magal – Vocals, Keyboards, Piano
Lea Ciara Czullay – Guitars
Rhavin Grobert – Bass
Lucas Zacharias – Drums



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