Starcrazy : guarda il video di “Hysterical”

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Gli australiani Starcrazy pubblicheranno il nuovo EP “Another Day, Another Squalor…” il 10 marzo 2023. Qui sotto potete vedere il video del brano “Hysterical”, più in basso scaletta e copertina dell’EP.

Il cantante Marcus Fraser ha detto:
“This video was filmed and directed by our mate, John Flaws. The idea was that three band members are loading musical gear/equipment from the street up a 4 story building whilst the egotistical lead singer just sits around singing to the camera, not helping at all. The band get to the roof and put on an electric performance and then it ends with the rest of the band handing their gear to the singer and leaving him to load everything back down the building. Simple concept but we love it !”

1. Galaxy O Luv
2. The Big Time
3. The Open Sea
4. Egging Me On
5. Hysterical
6. Monday Morning (Prayer For Tony)


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