Malefic Throne : firmano con Agonia Records

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Agonia Records annuncia di aver messo sotto contratto la black/death metal band americana Malefic Throne. Dopo un primo EP uscito a genaio 2022, il trio – Gene Palubicki (Angelcorpse, Perdition Temple) alla chitarra, Steve Tucker (Morbid Angel) al basso e alle vocals, John Longstreth (Angelcorpse, Origin, Hate Eternal) alla batteria – è attualmente al lavoro sul debut album, le cui registrazioni avverranno nel 2023. Di seguito le dichiarazioni dei musicisti.

John Longstreth:

“We are very excited to take this monumental step forward with Malefic Throne. This bands roots can be traced all the way back to the mid 90s when Gene, Steve, and I first met at Morrisound studios. It’s an amazing feeling to see those old conversations and hang outs develop into what will be a true celebration of blistering infernal death metal. Agonia Records understands the true weight and density of what the three of us wish to present to the world and I have no doubt that this union will be absolutely crushing.”

Gene Palubicki:

“It is a great feeling to have our work, despite being at essentially its very beginnings, be recognized and now supported through Agonia. It will be quite thrilling to see what reach Malefic Throne might achieve through Agonia Records.”

Steve Tucker:

“Stoked to get the opportunity to expand on the ideas that we started with Malefic Throne, a big thank you, goes out to Agonia Records for this creative platform. Gene, John and myself will be putting together some chaos for the mind!”


Agonia Records:


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