Anubis : nuovo EP ad inizio gennaio

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Gli Anubis, gruppo californiano di power-thrash metal, pubblicheranno autonomamente l’EP Decreation Day il 13 gennaio 2023. Di seguito scaletta, copertina e le dichiarazioni di tre dei musicisti.

1. Crucify (J. Escamilla/D. Reiche)
2. Decreation Day (D. Reiche)

Devin Reiche, cantante:
“Anubis’s latest release demonstrates its unique ability to cover all the metal bases from thrashy riffs to melodic choruses. Listeners can expect a variety of melody and aggression through the grizzly attack of both shred maestros Eleazar Llerenas and Justin Escamilla.”

Justin Escamilla, chitarrista:
“These songs evoke the highest of highs and the lowest of lows in these clashing tracks of light and dark.”

Will Buckley, bassista:
“I had a great time recording both of these tracks. It’d been a little while since I played bass on songs this “athletic”, with the slower of the two still clocking in at over 200 BPM, but it didn’t take me long to feel at home with them. I’m a power metal / melodic death guy through and through, so naturally Anubis’s musical style was right up my alley. I’ stoked to be part of this band and excited for what we’ll accomplish together.”

Gli Anubis sono…

Devin Reiche – voce (ex HATCHET)
Justin Escamilla – chitarra (ex TOWER GUARD)
Eleazar Llerenas – chitarra (ex gruppo di TIMMO TOLKKI)
Will Buckley – basso (HYDERA)
Paul Gehlhar – batteria (ex RAILGUN)

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