Psilocybe Larvae : online il lyric video di “Sorvali Cemetery”

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La progressive doom/death band russa Psilocybe Larvae ha pubblicato il suo quinto album “Where Silence Dwells” il 15 dicembre 2021 via Red Rivet Records and Fono Ltd. Qui sotto trovate il lyric video di “Sorvali Cemetery”, brano estratto dall’album:

Il cantante e chitarrista Vit Belobritsky ha commentato:

“The song is dedicated to my hometown Vyborg where Psilocybe Larvae was formed. Sorvali is the Finnish name of the island that became the district of the town. The cemetery in Sorvali was abandoned and ruined in the Soviet period when Vyborg (Viipuri in Finnish) became part of the USSR after the Winter War and then WWII. I decided to tell about this place where the ashes of Finns, Swedes, Germans, and Russians rest and wrote lyrics about a restless spirit wandering through the cemetery. I tried to show the connection of times, that indifference and disrespect for the past lead to the destruction of history, memory, and human values. It’s so hard to know this is happening in our country, especially these days”.

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