TodoMal : cover dei The Rolling Stones online

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A più di un anno dall’uscita di “Ultracrepidarian”, il doom metal duo spagnolo TodoMal torna a farsi sentire pubblicando la loro versione di un brano scritto da Mick Jagger e Keith Richards: qui sotto potete ascoltare la cover version di “Paint It Black” dei The Rolling Stones.

La band ha dichiarato:
“We’ve long been fans of Aphrodite’s Child, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, early Bee Gees, the Stones, and other iconic bands. Our earliest recollections of “Paint it black” are of a lively, western-style song with lyrics that hint at pessimism, despair, and loss. We thought a cover of a well-known song would be a perfect starting point for us. It would allow us to take a break while we work on our next album, which we believe will be our finest yet. Writing music can be tremendously gratifying but also daunting and painful, so we felt that recording a few covers could spare us from exploding into a mass of human debris.”

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