Vredensdal : firmano con Soulseller Records, nuovo album il 31 marzo

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I black metallers americani Vredensdal hanno firmato con Soulseller Records che ne pubblicherà il nuovo album “Sonic Devotion To Darkness” il 31 marzo. Ecco il comunicato della band:

“Vredensdal is absolutely astounded & proud to present our 4th album “Sonic Devotion To Darkness” in conspiracy with legendary label Soulseller Records! Signing with and being part of a label whose bands throughout the years have inspired us since our early days is a huge step for us and with this new alliance our venomous potency shall spread further and be more deadly and infectious than ever.” 

1. Between Worlds (Intro)
2. The Chaos Rite
3. The Eye in the Well
4. Nightgrasp
5. Sonic Devotion to Darkness
6. Cyclical Despondancy
7. Svøpt I Blod
8. My Right to the Throne
9. Eyes Glowing Black







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