Eternal Returns : nuovo album con Wormholedeath

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Gli Eternal Returns, metal band dall’India, hanno firmato un contratto con Wormholedeath per la pubblicazione del loro nuovo album “Hunchback Hatred”, in uscita nel corso del 2023. A breve nuove info, qui sotto il comunicato della band ed un teaser del video di “The Wolf Among the Sheep”.

We have signed with Wormholedeath record Italy. We are honored and humbled to be part of a fantastic label that has a presence across the Globe. To think of it, we never imagined ourselves in the limelight to be part of a big label but it happened and we take full responsibility to deliver the best record for you. Also, our longtime friend and brethren Keith Clement, the CEO of Metal Heads Forever magazine, is officially taking over the management role. The one-man army. Cheers to fun times to come.


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