Iterum Nata : online il video di “My Name Is Sorrow”

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“Trench Of Loneliness” – quarto album degli Iterum Nata, progetto psychedelic folk-rock di Jesse Heikkinen – è uscito il 10 febbraio. Qui sotto trovate il video del brano “My Name is Sorrow”. Jesse (frontman dei The Abbey e chitarrista fondatore degli Hexvessel) ha dichiarato:

“I asked the director, Anne-Mari Musturi, which song she wanted to do; immediately, her answer was “My Name is Sorrow”. This track is about coming to terms with the fact that life is filled with tragedy. It’s a story about someone who must decide whether to accept and integrate sorrow as a part of his life – or to fight against it and eventually lose.

Sorrow is one of the most beautiful, powerful, and terrifying feelings there is. If you try to ignore her, she will devour and ruin you. When she calls, you better welcome her and her ghosts with arms wide open.”



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