Dun Ringill : online il nuovo singolo “Blood Of The Lord”

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Gli svedesi Dun Ringill hanno pubblicato il secondo singolo estratto dal loro doppio concept album “Where the Old Gods Play Act 1 & 2″. Il brano si intitola “Blood Of The Lord” e può essere ascoltato più in basso. La band ha detto del brano:

A big meaning needs a big sound!!!  This song has one of the deepest meanings on this conceptual album and it inspired us to write one of our most epic tracks ever! To bring the feeling of the lyrics alive, we used choirs for the first time ever and accompanied it with three-harmony guitars, playful drums and super heavy bass lines to give the song a larger-than-life presence.  The lyrics are about Lucia, who has to convert from Catholicism to Protestantism to take the communion in order to stay in the congregation where she has found peace.  But is there peace within this Parrish?  Note that the chants of Blood of the lord, Body of the lord take a sinister twist towards the end to become Blood for the lord, Body for the lord…. 


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