EnChanTya : è uscito “Cerberus”, il nuovo album della band

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La symphonic metal band portoghese EnChanTya ha pubblicato “Cerberus”, il suo terzo album in studio, attraverso l’etichetta finlandese Inverse Records. L’album può essere ascoltato in streaming qui:


Il CD può essere ordinato qui:


Il tastierista Pedro Antunes ha detto:

“Today, our new album Cerberus sees the light (and dark) of day. This one was a real challenge to make, in the midst of a pandemic and in a time of uncertainty for all of us, and it ended up as a reflection of that experience, in all its darkness but also in all its strength. Cerberus is a guardian, a gatekeeper, a tester. Just like our world today, it is a combination of energies – Karma, Prana and Anima demand balance so we can overcome. This album is a symbol of that battle. To see it finally out in the real world represents a victory for the band, it is a record where we surpassed our difficulties and re-discovered ourselves. We hope that it can make you feel and hopefully help you heal of whatever battles you faced, or are still facing. We will see you beyond the gates!”



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