Overlorde : firmano con No Remorse Records

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La U.S. power metal band americana Overlorde ha firmato con la greca No Remorse Records che ne pubblicherà il nuovo album “Awaken The Fury” in CD e vinile. Data d’uscita ed altri dettagli verranno svelati prossimamente. Mark “M.E.” Edwards ha detto:

“We are beyond psyched to be working with No Remorse to release ‘Awaken the Fury’. The album has indeed been a long time coming, with the initial songwriting beginning in 2007. But it has absolutely benefitted from this extended period.” M.E. continued, “John, George Janeira, and I discovered metal and hard rock in the late ’70s. That DNA is in our souls, and we continue to blend it with the metal style we loved in the ’80s. Combined with the songwriting of George Tsalikis, we have created an album that will once again stand out.”

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