Temple Of Dread : nuovo album ad agosto, lyric video del primo singolo online

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I death metallers tedeschi Temple Of Dread pubblicheranno il oro quarto album “Beyond Acheron” l’11 agosto su Testimony Records in varie versioni in vinile, CD e digitale. La band ha pubblicato il lyric video del primo singolo The Plague”:

Il chitarrista Markus Bünnemeyer ha dichiarato:

“Our first single “The Plague” starts very groovy but ignites the full charge of old school death metal in the chorus at the latest. Our singer Jens is supported by Marc Grewe on vocals. Without his early works Temple Of Dread would not sound like they do today. Interesting how similar and complementary the two voices are. Lyrically the song deals with The Plague of Athens: An epidemic that destroyed man from within and thereby carried off almost a whole civilization. Parallels to modern pandemics would be coincidental… The lyrics were visualized by Ecuadorian director Christian Kdrumworm (k-drumworm-media) with great attention to the details of the incredible artwork by Paolo Girardi!”

01. Charon’s Call (Intro)
02. Beyond Acheron
03. World Below
04. Damnation
05. Dance of Decay
06. All-Consuming Fire
07. The Plague
08. Carnality Device
09. Asebeia
10. Hades







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