Torchbearer : il video di ‘Catharsis In Karma’

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I britannici Torchbearer hanno pubblicato da poco il loro EP ‘Warrior’ contenente sette brani. Il vocalist Andy Mansell ha detto di ‘Catharsis In Karma’, brano di cui potete vedere il video piĆ¹ in basso:

“‘Remove the mask and step into daylight face to face with my dark side. There is catharsis in Karma.’ All Torchbearer songs are personal to my experiences, Catharsis in Karma is particularly poignant for me. It’s a message of self-accountability. We all suffer misfortunes, we have all been disappointed by failure. What’s our reaction to this? If we solely blame another person, a higher power or bad luck, we can be consumed by bitterness and resentment. If we are able to look at ourselves and take responsibility for our own part in this, we can learn from our mistakes, grow from the experience and move forward with positivity”

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