Damnation Plan : online ‘Dreamdead’, terzo singolo dal nuovo album

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I progressive metaller finlandesi Damnation Plan hanno pubblicato il visualizer di ‘Dreamdead’, brano estratto dal nuovo album “The New Horizon”, in uscita il 18 agosto su Inverse Records.


Il chitarrista / songwriter Kalle Niininen ha dichiarato:
“Dreamdead was one of the first new songs we came up for the new album. It got its form by us exploring a little bit lower tunings than usual for this album. The song got its final heavier feel after we introduced the theme riff with its slower drum beat. The chorus is classic Damnation Plan.”
Asim Searah ha commentato:
“When a soul goes deep into oblivion with sadness and despair, one gets into a state of mind which is hard to fathom. It’s like a constant battle of belief in hope if you keep failing. Dreamdead resolves around such theme and reflects on constant failures in life that make one become hopeless and miserable.”



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